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Tipton Reintroduces Bills to Support Responsible Energy Development, Rural Education Funding

January 28, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) reintroduced bills to support responsible energy development and additional funding for education. The bills, the Planning for American Energy Act (H.R. 785) and the Education and Energy Act (H.R. 786), would provide benefits in rural communities throughout the West, as well as in communities across the country in the form of affordable energy and more education funding.

“These bills are a win-win. Creating a sustainable energy future in this country is something Congress must prioritize. It will generate more high-paying jobs, keep energy costs low for families and businesses, strengthen national security, and create more opportunities to fund critical education services in rural communities,” said Tipton.

H.R. 785 would require the Energy Information Administration to project U.S. energy needs over the next thirty years and direct the Departments of Interior and Agriculture to develop four-year energy production plans that include wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, oil, natural gas, coal, oil shale and minerals.

H.R. 786 would dedicate more of the federal share of new mineral and geothermal lease royalties back to the states and counties to fund public education. Specifically, when a new mineral or geothermal lease generates more royalties than predicted for a fiscal year, the bill would send 33 percent of the federal portion of excess revenues back to the county in which the royalties were generated and 17 percent would be split equally between all 50 states to support K-12 and public higher education. The remaining 50 percent would be sent to the Treasury.

“So many states are in desperate need of additional funding for K-12 and higher education. Responsible energy development can support considerable investment in our children’s future, all while reducing our dependence on foreign energy and creating high-paying jobs,” Tipton added.