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Tipton Statement on President’s Executive Orders on Immigration

November 20, 2014
Press Release

Tipton Statement on President’s Overreach on Immigration

WASHINGTON—Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) issued this statement in response to the President’s announcement of executive orders on immigration.

“When Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, the President took no action on immigration. He even admitted time and again that he did not have the authority to act unilaterally. Now he’s rushing to implement overreaching executive orders to politicize the issue rather than fix the problems with the system. This is a disservice to the American people and sends the wrong message to those who are in line going through the immigration process legally.

“The House is working on a framework for a solution to actually address the problems within the nation’s immigration system. As I have been advocating for years, that solution begins with enhanced, verifiable border security and a strengthened guest worker program before any other action is taken.

“The President’s negligence on immigration reform and his empty promises led to a humanitarian crisis this year as children and others were making a treacherous journey from Central America to cross into the United States illegally. But instead of working with us to address the realities of our nation’s broken immigration system and prevent this from happening again, the President has decided to act alone, ignore the problems, and in doing so, prolong them.

“Enough is enough, Mr. President.

“I’m working closely with my colleagues in Congress to hold the President accountable, ensure the law of the land is enforced, and advance a solution that will fix the problems within the current immigration system—not brush them aside, as the President is doing.”